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User Guide : Agent Seller

How do i login the system?

Step : Click login button at top right on you screen. System will display login page.

Login Page - ejen tiket bas malaysia

Login Page

Next : Insert email & password. Then, click “Log In” button.

Next : After login, system will display dashboard as picture below


How do i start selling ticket?

Step : After login, you may see menu button on top. Hover pointer to menu Sales > Current Session.

Next : Click button +Open Session & system will popup an Open New Session window. Then, click Open Session button.

Login Page - ejen tiket bas malaysiaNext : Then, system will popup terminal interface as picture below.

Login Page - ejen tiket bas malaysia


How to sell ticket?

Step : After open the session, you can sell the ticket instanly. please refer picture & directions below.

Login Page - ejen tiket bas malaysiaStep 1 : Select one way or return as requested by customer.

Step 2 : Select Departure Date.

Step 3 : Select Origin & Destination.

Step 4 : Select Departure time / trip. (there is multiple bus operator. Choose as requested by customer)

Step 5 : Select available seat.

Step 6 : Fill in the customer or ticket holder info such as Name, Contact & IC Number.

Step 7 : Double check with customer about their order in Payment section. Click Confirm Seat button to proceed purchasing.

Next : System will popup a windows showing a Boarding Document as shown below.

Login Page - ejen tiket bas malaysia

What i need to do with this Boarding Document?

All u need to do is whether print out this Boarding Document or just email it to your customer.

Step 1 : Print Out; click Print button at bottom left to print the Boarding Document & give it to your customer.

Step 2 : Send Email; click Send Email button. Then, system will popup Send Boarding windows .

step 3 : Send Email; fill in your customer email & click Send. 

Login Page - ejen tiket bas malaysia