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A Unique approach to simplify buying bus tickets by automating. This system also will help the bus operators in minimizing the error done with manual ticketing. Thus, reducing the expansive cost incurred by the bus operators. Communicate and follow up easily with all your business partners and passengers in growing your net revenues and building loyalty. Learn more

Complete solution to the complex task of managing modern ticketing system for public transport industry.

SMARTicket is the complete solution to the complex task of managing the modern ticketing system for any transportation operator. It’s simple to use, flexible and robust system to sell tickets, membership, manage, and totally automate the entire booking process that cater to multitier ticket selling such as ticket outlets, online e-commerce, kiosks vending machine and authorized ticket agents. Learn more

SMARTerminal or Terminal Management Systems is a unique and complete solution provided for terminal operator that in the end will enhance commuter’s experience. Thus will improve operation efficiency and terminal operators. Bus terminals are facing ever-growing volumes and are searching for solutions to increase throughput capacity without expanding their physical footprint, and at the same time service more trips within the same time window. A good terminal operating system (TOS) is playing an increasingly important role in today’s terminal operations supporting terminal planning, scheduling, equipment control and planning. Learn more

Ticketrivia Agent is a bus ticketing booking platform for individual agents to sell bus ticket. Etransact Technology Sdn Bhd is the provider, which is the parent company of the popular bus ticketing portal ETicketing.my. Training and Online marketing will be provided by Eticketing.my.